Innovative Foiling with no restraints

Quite simply, we aim to create the fastest beach launched catamarans, across all conditions and at all points of sailing.

Project Timeline

Vampire Project Timeline

How it Works

Outboard Foil System – Righting moment increases as boat lifts out of water

Canted T-FoilsOptimised to produce zero leeway for hydrodynamic efficiency

Active Flight ControlA bow mounted moth style wand system for stable flight

3 Point FlightMuch less drag by having the windard foil raised clear

Gulwing DeploymentFoils are raised for high performance in light winds

Straight BoardsSlide them in for lighter airs, shallow waters and for recovering boat


Find Us

Calendar still under construction, however, if you come to Essex you can find us foiling upwind, downwind, on a reach and through the gybes.

Vampire Sailors

Mark has been sailing on and off with William for a very long time, he is the sort of guy you want around when it gets a bit lairy!

Mark’s profession is sail making and his sails power the Vampire to ridiculous speeds in all conditions.

Mark Self

A long term multihull sailor and now foiling moth convert, Kyle has been able to bring added refinement to The Vampire Project. Focusing on technical tuning, sailing technique and future development.

Kyle Stoneham

Class Rules

“The Vampire rule is intended to give the designer and builder the fullest liberty to innovate, to develop faster and more sailable boats.

We welcome participation and input from innovative sailors anywhere in the world.  If they build something slower we will help them. If they build something faster we will copy them.”

William Sunnucks.

The Vampire Rule