Sailor Testimonials

This boat is mind blowing, probably the fastest thing I have ever sailed and a serious amount of fun!

The way it has been designed and set up makes it so stable in the gusts and the chop, the scary thing is you can feel how much more there is to come from the concept with future development.

Simon Hiscocks, Double Olympic Medalist, 49er

It’s fair to say the thing’s an absolute beast, genuinely the best sail I’ve had in a long time.

We were doing 22 knots upwind and 27 knots downwind in about 10-12 knots of breeze!


Ben Saxton, Rio Olympian, Nacra 17

Round the cans Windward/Leeward course with 80 boats on the line and a much smaller racing area it was interesting to see how the Vampires would perform, the breeze was again up in the late teens and we smashed the first race by a big margin proving the Vampire can work effectively round a small track.

Simon Northrop, F18 Elite and Multihull Diehard

William gave the tiller a pull and off we went! After mere seconds we were seeing upwind speeds in the mid-high teens and I was do my best to adapt and respond to requests for more and less righting moment.

I’ve sailed a couple of other foiling catamaran platforms, but nothing comes close to the raw power and speed of the Vampire.

Will Rottgering,Tornado Campaigner and Raid Supremo

I did a couple of weeks with the team in Spain, the boats are super cool, a different concept to the flying phantom, GC32 etc. The T-foils are more like the next Americas Cup set up which makes the boat very stable, generates more righting moment and allows you to push that bit harder around the course.
It’s a really fun project and I’m looking forward to doing more on it in 2019!

Rich Mason,GC32 and F50 Star

Having sailed the Moth for years I am no stranger to foiling and the speed but the Vampire just seemed to make very easy work of it!
The platform is incredibly stable and efficient, it simply ate up the dozens of miles of water we covered during the Eurocat Raid in Carnac. Consistently hitting speeds of 33knots racing just metres away from the other Vampire, that’s the fastest I’ve ever been!

Dan Ellis, International Moth Champion