Team Vampire

William Sunnucks

William has been sailing and racing Catamarans internationally for 4 decades, in that time has become one of the most accomplished corinthian multihull sailors worldwide.

The Vampire Project was his brainchild and is described by him as a financially unsound investment that returns a lot of fun.

Kyle Stoneham

A long term multihull sailor and now foiling moth convert, Kyle has been able to bring added refinement to The Vampire Project.

Kyle’s focus has been on technical tuning, sailing technique and future development.

Graham Eeles

Graham is the boat builder and skiff sailor who made the Vampire work.

Based at Brightlingsea he is the fundamental link between the sailing and engineering side of the Project.

Mark Self

Mark has been sailing on and off with William for a very long time, he is the sort of guy you want around when it gets a bit lairy!

Mark’s profession is sail making and his Advantage Sails power the Vampire to ridiculous speeds in all conditions.

Kevin Ellway

Kevin specialises in design and analysis of high performance sail boats, his most notable project is the Exocet Moth which has dominated for a number of years.

The Vampire Project is based on millions of calculations using Kevin’s VPP system which finds the best solutions without the need to get wet!